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Alkyd coating is composed of alkyd resin as the main base material, titanium dioxide and other coloring pigments, drying agents and additives. It has certain weather resistance, bright paint film and bright color. It has good compatibility and interlayer adhesion with alkyd anti-rust paint and is convenient for construction.

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Product Description

Alkyd topcoat paint is a single component alkyd resin finish paint, can be made of a variety of colors, high gloss, with good luster and mechanical strength, natural drying at room temperature, strong film, good adhesion and outdoor weather resistance, simple construction, price, full film hard, not high requirements for the construction environment, decorative and protective are better. Alkyd finish paint is mainly composed of alkyd resin, which is the largest type of coating produced in China at present.


Product characteristics

  • Alkyd topcoat is mainly for field use. Coating by airless spraying in the workshop is easy to cause too thick coating, slow down the drying process and cause difficulties in handling. Coating too thick will also wrinkle when reapplied after aging.
  • Other alkyd finish resin coatings are more suitable for shop pre-coating. Gloss and surface finish depend on the coating method. Avoid mixing multiple coating methods as much as possible.
  • Like all alkyd coatings, alkyd topcoats have limited resistance to chemicals and solvents and are not suitable for underwater equipment, or where there is prolonged contact with condensate. Alkyd finish is not suitable for recoating on epoxy resin coating or polyurethane coating, and can not be reapplied on zinc containing primer, otherwise it may cause saponification of alkyd resin, resulting in loss of adhesion.
  • When brushing and rolling, and when using certain colors (such as yellow and red), it may be necessary to apply two alkyd topcoats to ensure that the color is uniform, and multiple colors can be made. In the United States, due to local transportation regulations and local use of rosin, the flash point of this product is 41 ° C (106°F), which has no impact on paint performance.

Note: The VOC value is based on the maximum possible value for the product, which may vary due to different colors and general production tolerances.

Product Specifications

Color Product Form MOQ Size Volume /(M/L/S size) Weight/ can OEM/ODM Packing size/ paper carton Delivery Date
Series color/ OEM Liquid 500kg M cans:
Height: 190mm, Diameter: 158mm, Perimeter: 500mm,(0.28x 0.5x 0.195)
Square tank:
Height: 256mm, Length: 169mm, Width: 106mm,(0.28x 0.514x  0.26)
L can:
Height: 370mm, Diameter: 282mm, Perimeter: 853mm,(0.38x 0.853x 0.39)
M cans: 0.0273 cubic meters
Square tank:
0.0374 cubic meters
L can:
0.1264 cubic meters
3.5kg/ 20kg customized accept 355*355*210 Stocked item:
3~7 working-days
Customized item:
7~20 working days

Product usage

This alkyd topcoat is a protective coating that can be used in a variety of industrial environments, including offshore installations, petrochemical plants and chemical plants. It is suitable for single component topcoats that require economic performance and are slightly corroded by chemicals. This finish is more beautiful, and with other alkyd resin coatings, can be used outdoors or indoors.

Use precautions

1. The construction should not be too thick at one time, so as not to cause slow drying, wrinkling, orange peel and other paint diseases.

2. Do not use inferior release material, so as not to cause loss of light, slow drying, depowder phenomenon.

3. The construction site shall be well ventilated, equipped with fire prevention facilities, and necessary protective appliances (such as masks, gloves, work clothes, etc.) shall be worn during construction to ensure the safety of construction personnel.

4. During the construction process, the coated articles must avoid contact with water, oil, acidic or alkaline substances.

5. After completion of construction, please use alkyd paint special thinner to clean brushes and other supplies.

6. After painting, the articles should be placed in a ventilated, dry and dust-free environment and allowed to dry naturally.

7. The coated item must be dry before packaging or stacking to avoid adhesion and affect the appearance of the paint film.

8. Do not pour the paint back into the original paint bucket after thinning, otherwise it is easy to precipitate.

9. The remaining paint should be covered in time and placed in a cool and dry environment.

10. When the product is stored, it should be kept ventilated, cool and dry, and should be isolated from the fire source, away from the heat source. You can use the iron red alkyd anti-rust paint of Hangzhou Yasheng as the primer, and use the alkyd topcoat at the same time, you can also use it alone, but do not use it with epoxy and polyurethane.

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