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Acrylic enamel paint is a special paint that has magnetic properties and is commonly used to make magnetic surfaces. This Acrylic coating can form a magnetic coating on walls, furniture or other surfaces, allowing it to adsorb magnets or magnetic labels. Acrylic paint is not only magnetic, but also offers a rich choice of colors and glossiness for decorating walls or other surfaces. Because of its unique properties, acrylic enamel is often used for creative and educational purposes, such as making magnetic walls, magnetic drawing boards, etc. The application of this paint is very flexible and can give magnetic functions to a variety of surfaces while providing decorative effects.

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Acrylic enamel coating usually consists of the following main components:

  • Acrylic resin: As the main base material, it provides adhesion and stability of the paint film.
  • Magnetic particles: Add magnetic particles to make the paint film magnetic, able to absorb magnets or magnetic labels.
  •  Solvent: used to adjust the viscosity and drying speed of the paint, common solvents include acetone, toluene and so on.
  • Additives: such as diluents, preservatives, desiccant, etc., used to adjust the performance of the paint and processing technology.

Product Features

Acrylic enamel paint is a special paint that is commonly used to make magnetic surfaces. Its features include:

1. Magnetic: Can form a magnetic coating, so that it can adsorb magnets or magnetic labels.

2. Decorative: Provide rich color options and gloss for decorating walls or other surfaces.

3. Flexible application: suitable for a variety of surfaces, such as walls, furniture, etc., to give these surfaces magnetic function.

4. Creative use: It is often used for creative and educational purposes, such as making magnetic walls, magnetic drawing boards, etc.

In general, acrylic enamel is a special coating with magnetic function, suitable for a variety of decorative and practical uses.

Product Specifications

Color Product Form MOQ Size Volume /(M/L/S size) Weight/ can OEM/ODM Packing size/ paper carton Delivery Date
Series color/ OEM Liquid 500kg M cans:
Height: 190mm, Diameter: 158mm, Perimeter: 500mm,(0.28x 0.5x 0.195)
Square tank:
Height: 256mm, Length: 169mm, Width: 106mm,(0.28x 0.514x  0.26)
L can:
Height: 370mm, Diameter: 282mm, Perimeter: 853mm,(0.38x 0.853x 0.39)
M cans: 0.0273 cubic meters
Square tank:
0.0374 cubic meters
L can:
0.1264 cubic meters
3.5kg/ 20kg customized accept 355*355*210 Stocked item:
3~7 working-days
Customized item:
7~20 working days

Scope of application

The application areas of acrylic enamel paint include but are not limited to the following aspects:

1. In the field of education: acrylic enamel is often used on walls or drawing boards in educational places such as schools and kindergartens, so that teachers and students can easily use magnetic letters, numbers and other teaching tools.

2. Office space: The application of acrylic enamel on the wall of the office or conference room can easily use magnetic labels, charts and other office supplies to improve work efficiency.

3. Home decoration: Acrylic enamel can be used for home decoration, such as making a magnetic recipe board on the kitchen wall, or making a magnetic graffiti board on the wall of a child's room.

4. Commercial display: Commercial places such as shops and exhibition halls can use acrylic enamel to make magnetic display walls for easy replacement and display of product information.

In general, the application field of acrylic enamel is very wide, can meet a variety of needs such as education, office, home decoration and commercial display.


Safety measures

The construction site should have a good ventilation environment to prevent the inhalation of solvent gas and paint fog. Products should be kept away from heat sources, and smoking is strictly prohibited at the construction site.

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