• Cement self-levelling series

    Cement self-levelling series

    Detailed information Composed of special cement, selected aggregates, fillers and a variety of additives, it has mobility after mixing with water or can be used to level the ground with a little auxiliary paving. It is suitable for ...
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  • Water-based epoxy flooring

    Water-based epoxy flooring

    Water-based epoxy flooring scope of application Water-based epoxy flooring is suitable for a variety of often wet ground, the line used, unlimited, such as basements, garages, etc. All kinds of factories, warehouses, ground floor wi...
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  • Sealer flooring

    Sealer flooring

    What is a concrete sealer? The compounds that penetrate into the concrete react with the semi-hydrated cement, free calcium, silicon oxide and other substances contained in the set concrete in a series of complex chemical reactions ...
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  • Pressure-resistant mortar epoxy flooring

    Pressure-resistant mortar epoxy flooring

    Scope of application Used in workplaces where resistance to abrasion, impact and heavy pressure is required for the environment. Machinery factories, chemical factories, garages, wharves, load-carrying workshops, printing factories;...
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  • Common construction solutions for underground car park flooring

    Common construction solutions for underground car park flooring

    For underground car park floors, common flooring solutions include: epoxy flooring, hard wearing flooring and hardened penetrant flooring. Epoxy flooring: garage epoxy flooring Epoxy flooring, that is, epoxy res...
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