Epoxy Sealing Primer Paint Strong Adhesion Moisture Proof Sealing Coating

Short Description:

Epoxy sealing primer paint has strong permeability and excellent sealing performance, the epoxy coating is two component ,it can improve the strength of the substrate, has excellent adhesion to the substrate, and the floor coating has good acid and alkali resistance, water resistance and good compatibility with the surface layer. Epoxy sealing primer paint is used in Parking lot, shopping mall, garage,Concrete surface sealing coating, FRP…Use before floor paint primer. The floor primer paint is transparent. The material is coating and the shape is liquid. The packaging size of the paint is 4kg-20kg. Its characteristics are corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance and weathering resistance.

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Main composition

Epoxy sealing primer floor paint is a two-component self-drying coating composed of epoxy resin, additives and solvents, and the other component is a special epoxy curing agent.

Main uses

Used for concrete, wood, terrazzo, steel and other substrate surface as sealing primer. Common floor primer XHDBO01, anti-static floor anti-static primer XHDB001C.

Main features

Epoxy sealing primer floor paint has strong permeability, excellent sealing performance, can improve the strength of the base.Excellent adhesion to the substrate.The epoxy floor coating has excellent alkali, acid and water resistance, and has good compatibility with the surface layer.Brush coating, roll coating. Excellent construction performance.

Product Specifications

Color Product Form MOQ Size Volume /(M/L/S size) Weight/ can OEM/ODM Packing size/ paper carton Delivery Date
Series color/ OEM Liquid 500kg M cans:
Height: 190mm, Diameter: 158mm, Perimeter: 500mm,(0.28x 0.5x 0.195)
Square tank:
Height: 256mm, Length: 169mm, Width: 106mm,(0.28x 0.514x  0.26)
L can:
Height: 370mm, Diameter: 282mm, Perimeter: 853mm,(0.38x 0.853x 0.39)
M cans: 0.0273 cubic meters
Square tank:
0.0374 cubic meters
L can:
0.1264 cubic meters
3.5kg/ 20kg customized accept 355*355*210 Stocked item:
3~7 working-days
Customized item:
7~20 working days

Scope of application


Preparation method

Before use, group A is mixed evenly, and divided into group A: Group B is divided into = 4:1 ratio (weight ratio) (note that the ratio in winter is 10:1) preparation, after mixing evenly, curing for 10 to 20 minutes, and used up within 4 hours during construction.

Construction conditions

The concrete maintenance must exceed 28 days, the base moisture content =8%, the relative humidity =85%, the construction temperature =5℃, the coating interval time is 12~24h.

Construction viscosity requirements

It can be diluted with special diluent until the viscosity is 12~16s(coated with -4 cups).

The processing requirements are

Use floor polishing or sand blasting machine to remove the loose layer, cement layer, lime film and other foreign matter on the floor, and smooth the uneven place with the floor special cleaning agent clean.

Theoretical consumption

If you do not consider the actual construction of the coating environment, surface conditions and floor structure, construction surface area size of the impact, coating thickness =0.1mm, the general coating consumption of 80~120g/m.

Construction method

In order to make the epoxy sealing primer fully deep into the base and increase the adhesion, it is best to use the rolling coating method.

Construction safety requirements

Avoid inhaling solvent vapor, eyes and skin contact with this product.

Adequate ventilation shall be maintained during construction.

Keep away from sparks and open flames. If the package is opened, it should be used up as soon as possible.

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