Epoxy coal tar paint anti-corrosion equipment epoxy coating

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Our latest innovation in protective coatings – Epoxy coal tar paint. Designed to provide unrivalled protection against corrosion, chemical attack and water damage, this epoxy two-component coating is used in industrial applications such as water pipelines, chemical plant machinery and pipeline corrosion protection, making it an ideal solution for a variety of industrial applications.

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Epoxy coal tar paint is formulated to provide excellent water resistance, ensuring long-term protection against moisture damage. Its chemical resistance further enhances its durability, making it suitable for use in environments where exposure to corrosive substances is required.

In addition, this epoxy coating has good adhesion and flexibility, allowing it to withstand the rigors of industrial operations without compromising its protective properties. Its ability to maintain integrity under different conditions makes it a reliable choice for long-term protection against corrosion and damage.

Main features

  1. One of the key features of our Epoxy coal tar paint is its excellent adhesion, ensuring a strong and lasting bond to the substrate. This, combined with its resistance to chemical media and water resistance, makes it a reliable choice for protecting pipes, equipment and structures in harsh industrial environments.
  2. In addition to its protective properties, our Epoxy coal tar paint has antibacterial and plant root resistance properties, making it suitable for use in wastewater treatment plants and other facilities where biodegradation may be an issue. This unique feature sets our products apart from traditional epoxy paint, providing an additional layer of protection against organic deterioration.
  3. In addition, the anti-corrosion properties of our Epoxy coal tar paint make it an important solution for protecting oil, gas and water pipelines, as well as equipment in refineries and chemical plants. Its insulating ability coupled with its resistance to chemical corrosion and water damage make it a versatile choice for a variety of industrial applications.

Product Specifications

Color Product Form MOQ Size Volume /(M/L/S size) Weight/ can OEM/ODM Packing size/ paper carton Delivery Date
Series color/ OEM Liquid 500kg M cans:
Height: 190mm, Diameter: 158mm, Perimeter: 500mm,(0.28x 0.5x 0.195)
Square tank:
Height: 256mm, Length: 169mm, Width: 106mm,(0.28x 0.514x  0.26)
L can:
Height: 370mm, Diameter: 282mm, Perimeter: 853mm,(0.38x 0.853x 0.39)
M cans: 0.0273 cubic meters
Square tank:
0.0374 cubic meters
L can:
0.1264 cubic meters
3.5kg/ 20kg customized accept 355*355*210 Stocked item:
3~7 working-days
Customized item:
7~20 working days

Main uses

Our Epoxy coal tar paint is a high performance industrial corrosion protection solution with a number of benefits, including strong adhesion, chemical and water resistance, antibacterial and root resistance properties, corrosion resistance, insulation and flexibility. Its versatility and durability make it ideal for protecting pipelines, equipment and structures in oil refineries, chemical plants and wastewater treatment plants. With its superior protection performance, our Epoxy coal tar paint is the ultimate solution for protecting critical infrastructure and assets in demanding industrial environments.



Read the instructions before construction:

Before use, the paint and curing agent according to the required ratio of good, how much to match, stir evenly after use. within 8 hours to use up;

Keep the construction process dry and clean, and it is strictly prohibited to contact with water, acid, alcohol alkali, etc. The curing agent packaging barrel must be tightly covered after painting, so as to avoid gelling;

During construction and drying, the relative humidity shall not be greater than 85%.

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