Wear-resistant economic epoxy flooring

Scope of application

◇ Industrial plants without heavy loads, such as electronics, electrical appliances, machinery, chemical industry, medicine, textile, clothing, tobacco and other industries.

◇ Cement or terrazzo floors in warehouses, supermarkets, car parks and other special places.

◇ Coating of dust-free walls and ceilings with purification requirements.

Performance characteristics

◇ Flat and bright appearance, various colours.

◇ Easy to clean and maintain.

◇ Strong adhesion, good flexibility and impact resistance.

◇ Strong abrasion resistance.

◇ Quick construction and economical cost.

System characteristics

◇ Solvent-based, solid colour, glossy or matt.

◇ Thickness 0.5-0.8mm.

◇ General service life is 3-5 years.

Construction process

Plain ground treatment: sanding clean, the base surface requires dry, flat, no hollow drum, no serious sanding;

Primer:double-component, stir well according to the specified quantity (2-3 minutes of electric rotating), roll or scrape the construction;

In the paint: double-component according to the specified amount of proportioning stir (electrical rotation for 2-3 minutes), with scraping construction;

Finish paint: stir the colouring agent and curing agent according to the specified amount of proportion (electrical rotation for 2-3 minutes), with roller coating or spraying construction.

Technical index

Test item Indicator
Drying time,H Surface drying(H) ≤4
Solid drying(H) ≤24
Adhesion, grade ≤1
Pencil hardness ≥2H
Impact resistance,Kg·cm 50 through
Flexibility 1mm pass
Abrasion resistance (750g/500r, weight loss, g) ≤0.04
Water resistance 48h without change
Resistant to 10% sulphuric acid 56 days without change
Resistant to 10% sodium hydroxide 56 days without change
Resistant to petrol, 120# 56 days without change
Resistant to lubricating oil 56 days without change

Construction profile