Water-based epoxy flooring

Special scope of application

Underground car parks, electronic factories, food processing plants, cold rooms, freezers, offices and other industries in the design of painting schemes.

Performance characteristics

Ecological and environmental protection, can be constructed in humid environment;

Soft gloss, good texture;

Anti-corrosion, alkali resistance, oil resistance and good air permeability.

Various colours, easy to clean, durable, strong impact resistance.

Thickness: 0.5-5mm;

Useful life: 5-10 years.

Construction process

Ground treatment: sanding and cleaning, according to the condition of the base surface to do a good job of sanding, repair, dust removal.

Water-based epoxy primer: it has certain water permeability and enhances the strength and adhesion of the ground.

Waterborne epoxy medium coating: medium coating; according to the design thickness, machine trowel sand pressure or sand batch or putty batch levelling.

Sanding and vacuuming the middle coating.

Water-based epoxy top coating (roller coating, self-levelling).

Technical index