Self-levelling cement flooring 1

Self-levelling cement (cement-based self-levelling/self-levelling mortar/levelling mortar): a high-tech and environmentally friendly product with high technological content and complex technical links. It is a dry-mixed powdery material composed of a variety of active ingredients, which can be used by mixing water on site. It is slightly unfolded by scraper to obtain high levelling base surface. Hardening speed, 4-5 hours after the people can walk, 24 hours after the surface construction (such as paving wood flooring, diamond plate, etc.), the construction of fast, easy is the traditional artificial levelling can not be compared.

Introduction of self-levelling cement flooring

Safe, non-polluting, beautiful, fast construction and put into use are the characteristics of self-levelling cement. It enhances the civilized construction procedure, creates a comfortable and flat space, and the paving of diversified standard finishing materials adds gorgeous colours to life.

Self-levelling cement has a wide range of uses, can be used in industrial plants, workshops, warehouses, exhibition halls, gymnasiums, hospitals, all kinds of open space, offices, etc., but also for home, villa, warm small space ...... and so on. It can be used as a decorative surface layer or as a wear-resistant base layer.


Appearance: Free powder.

Colour: Grey, green, red or other colours of cement.

Main components: common silicon cement, high alumina cement, silicate cement, etc.

Additives: a variety of surface-active additives and dispersing latex powder.

Water to material ratio: 5 litres / 25KG


Construction is simple and easy to add the right amount of water to form a similar free-flowing slurry, can quickly unfold and obtain a high degree of smoothness of the floor.

Pake construction speed, economic benefits, compared with the traditional artificial leveling 5-10 times higher, and in a short period of time for passage, loading, significantly reducing the duration.

Pre-mixed products, uniform and stable quality, clean and tidy construction site, conducive to civilised construction, is a green environmental protection products.

Singed good moisture resistance, strong protection of the opposite layer, practicality, wide range of applications.


As epoxy flooring, polyurethane flooring, PVC coils, sheets, rubber flooring, solid wood flooring, diamond plate and other finishing materials of the high level base.

Pake is a modern hospital mute dustproof flooring PVC coil paving must be used for levelling base material.

3GMP food factory, pharmaceutical factory, precision electronic factory clean room, dust-free flooring, hardened flooring, anti-static flooring and other base layer.

Singed polyurethane elastic flooring for kindergartens and tennis courts.

Be careful to use it as acid and alkali resistant flooring and wear-resistant flooring for industrial plants.

Selected robot track surface.

Borrow levelling surfaces for domestic flooring.

Integral levelling of a wide range of areas. Such as airport lobbies, hotels, hypermarkets, department stores, conference halls, exhibition centres, large offices, car parks, etc. All can be quickly finished to a high level.

Self-levelling cement flooring material standard

Slightly poor surface levelling - at least 2mm thickness (about 3.0KG/M2).

General surface levelling - at least 3mm thickness (about 4.5KG/M2).

Standard full space one piece levelling - at least 6mm thickness (approx. 9.0KG/M2).

Severe uneven substrate levelling one minimum 10mm thickness (approx. 15KG/M2).

Comparison of self leveling cement flooring

Comparison items self-levelling cement traditional artificial levelling mortar flatness is very flat and not easy to levelling

Construction speed 5-10 times faster

Decorative materials paving or epoxy painting smooth, beautiful, save material easy to quality problems into use, 24 hours after the walking

Need a longer time to use

Strong moisture resistance, weak folding resistance, good flexibility, not cracking, rigidity, easy to crack, construction thickness of 3-5mm that can meet the requirements of about 20mm, the overall benefits of the assessment of excellent

General self-levelling cement flooring materials briefly standard series of cement-based self-levelling is composed of special cement, selected aggregates and a variety of additives, mixed with water to form a fluidity, high plasticity self-levelling foundation materials. It is suitable for fine levelling of concrete floor and all paving materials, widely used in civil and commercial buildings.

Self-levelling cement flooring material features

Construction is simple, convenient and quick.

Wear-resistant, durable, economical, environmentally friendly (industrial type with a small amount of pollution, home type no excellent mobility, automatic levelling of the ground.

Singed 3-4 hours after walking on people; 24 hours after the opening of light traffic.

Be careful not to increase the elevation, the ground layer is 2-5mm thinner, saving materials and reducing costs.

Selection of good adhesion, flat, no hollow drum.

Borrow is widely used for fine levelling of residential and commercial interior floors.

Harmless and non-radioactive.


Tiles, plastic carpets, textile carpets, PVC floors, linen carpets, all kinds of wooden floors can be laid on the series of self-levelling cement surface. Due to the superior flatness of the self-levelling floor, it ensures good visual effect, comfort and durability of the paved floor, and avoids the unevenness of the ground that leads to undulation of the surface of the floor and local breakage.