Epoxy cement penetrant flooring

Scope of application

Load workshop, machinery factory, garage, toy factory, warehouse, paper factory, garment factory, screen printing factory, office and other places.

Product characteristics

Good adhesion, no shedding, dustproof, mouldproof, waterproof, easy to clean.

Construction process

1: Grass-roots grinding treatment, dust removal

2: Epoxy penetrating agent base layer

3: Epoxy penetrating agent surface layer

Construction completion: 24 hours before people, 72 hours before re-pressure. (25℃ shall prevail, low temperature opening time needs to be extended moderately)

Performance characteristics

◇ Flat and bright appearance, various colours;

◇ Convenient for cleaning and maintenance;

◇ Strong adhesion and good flexibility;

◇ Strong abrasion resistance;

◇ Quick construction and economical cost.

Construction profile