Diamond sand wear-resistant flooring

Detailed information

According to the aggregate powder is divided into metal, non-metallic wear-resistant hardened aggregate, which consists of certain particle gradation of metal mineral aggregate or extremely wear-resistant non-ferrous metal aggregate and special additives. Aggregates are selected according to their shape, grading and excellent physical and mechanical properties.

Test items Index
Product name Non metallic hardener Metal hardening preparations
Wear resistance ≤0.03g/cm2 Metal hardening preparations
Compressive strength 3days 48.3MPa 49.0MPa
7days 66.7MPa 67.2MPa
28days 77.6MPa 77.6MPa
Flexural Strength >9MPa >12MPa
Tensile strength 3.3MPa 3.9MPa
Hardness Rebound value 46 46
Mineral ruler 10 10
Mohs (28 days) 7 8.5
Slip resistance Same as general cement flooring Same as general cement flooring

Scope of application

Used in industrial workshops, warehouses, supermarkets, heavy-duty machinery factories, car parks, cargo stacking areas, squares and other floors.

Performance characteristics

It is evenly spread on the surface of concrete at the initial stage of solidification, and after overall curing, it forms a dense whole and super hardened surface layer with the concrete ground, which is pressure-resistant, impact-resistant, abrasion-resistant and has the high precision and colouring of high-performance wear-resistant ground. It can be constructed together with the concrete floor, shortening the working period, and no need to construct mortar levelling layer.

System characteristics

Easy construction, directly spread on fresh concrete, save time and labour, no need to construct mortar levelling layer; high abrasion resistance, reduce dusting, improve impact resistance, improve oil and grease resistance.

Construction process

◇ Concrete surface treatment: use the mechanical trowel equipped with disc to evenly remove the floating slurry layer on the concrete surface;

◇Spreading material: spread 2/3 of the specified dosage of hardened wear-resistant flooring material evenly on the surface of the concrete at the initial setting stage, and then polish it with low-speed smoothing machine;

◇Scraper levelling: evenly scrape and roughly level the hardened wear-resistant material along the transverse and longitudinal directions with a 6-metre scraper;

◇Multiple spreading of materials: evenly spread 1/3 of the specified dosage of colour hardened wear-resistant materials (on the surface of the wear-resistant materials that have been polished for many times), and polish the surface again with a smoothing machine;

◇ Surface polishing: according to the hardening of concrete, adjust the angle of the blade on the polishing machine, and polish the surface to ensure the surface flatness and smoothness;

◇ Base surface maintenance and expansion: wear-resistant hardened flooring should be maintained on the surface within 4 to 6 hours after the construction is completed, in order to prevent the rapid evaporation of water on the surface, and to ensure the stable growth of the strength of wear-resistant materials.