Concrete sanding and grey hardening treatment flooring

Introduction of the product

Concrete floor sanding and dusting plus hardness treatment system is aimed at the concrete sand and gravel due to excessive mud content, insufficient cement addition, fly ash broadcasting too much, improper maintenance cracking and chalking, cement concrete aging, concrete layer pounding and vibration is not solid, the ground is seriously sanding, dusting, loose no strength and other phenomena and can not meet the requirements of daily use, through the infiltration of the concrete sealing agent and the concrete ground cement composition, the half-chemical cement, free calcium, silicon oxide material contained in a series of chemical reactions, so as to get a dusty, dense, highly abrasive and steel-like hardness of concrete base. By soaking concrete sealer and the cement content in the concrete floor half of the cement, free calcium, silicon oxide material after a series of chemical reaction, so as to get a dust-free, dense, highly wear-resistant and steel-like hardness of the concrete substrate, but also to solve the subsequent construction of the epoxy floor layer, plastic runway layer and other decorative surfaces due to the grass-roots level of strength is not up to standard, adhesion caused by the bad de-lamination, hollowing out, not pressure, and other issues.

Scope of application

Widely used in all industrial plants, logistics warehouses, supermarkets, underground car parks, office laboratories and other places of the cement base floor.

Product performance

- Beautiful and dustproof, hard and wear-resistant.

- Anti-pressure and anti-seepage, long-lasting lustre.

- Energy saving and environmental protection, simple maintenance.

- Normal service life is more than 20 years.

Construction process

Base surface treatment Cleaning Sweeping Cleaning the cement base ground

The material will be "Diheng" penetration type concrete sealing curing agent intervals of 24 hours in batches soaked to the construction area of the ground, the first time to keep the ground wet soaking time of about 10 minutes, after the second time to keep the ground wet soaking time of more than 30 minutes, according to the strength of the ground, adjust the number of times to repeat the process of soaking materials, until the overall strength of the ground meets the requirements for use. Until the overall strength of the ground in line with the use of requirements.

10 advantages of concrete penetration sealing the curing agent


Hard and wear-resistant Breathing function avoids the disadvantages of concrete

Reacts with substances in concrete to form a hard substance. Although it can prevent most of the chemical and liquid impurities from entering the concrete.

It can block the structural pores of the concrete and greatly improve the concrete's entry into the concrete, but at the same time, it allows the water of gas to freely enter the concrete.

The hardening and abrasion resistance of the surface layer of the soil, forming a long-lasting similar large circulation, allowing the concrete to "breathe", thus avoiding the need for a "stone-like" protective layer, hardness and wear resistance.

The hardness and abrasion resistance of the concrete can be improved by a protective layer like a marble, and the characteristics of concrete such as bulging, peeling and micro-cracking can be eliminated.

The hardness of Moh's 8-9 degrees.

Effective sealing Bright and non-slip

Hardening system will seal the concrete into a firm week entity, after treatment, the grass-roots level of the ground will appear charming light, and can penetrate into the concrete lining.

And can penetrate into the concrete layer, from the internal sealing of concrete bright anti-slip, and by the continuation of the use of time, the surface and the

After the treatment, the concrete will become firm and solid. Effective The appearance will be better. In fact, it is the user's unconscious

The concrete's life span is prolonged. The concrete can be polished and cleaned more easily by inhibiting the entry of external pollutants into the concrete.

Resistant to chemical attack, durable and maintenance-free

The chemical structure of the gel and the unique characteristics of the material make it durable and maintenance-free, and the permanent protection of a single application is a kind of use.

After use, the concrete surface will become dense and smooth, and the flooring material will not require repeated maintenance for a long time, and after the completion of the work, it can be used as a flooring material.

Effective hollowing out and resistance to chemical substances into the concrete The next process to select other construction dirt is particularly easy to clean.

The floor is particularly easy to clean, preventing chemicals from eroding and damaging the concrete. It is easy to wash and protect the finished floor.

Thorough dust control

Dust generated by weathering of the concrete will stay in the space of the goods colourless. Odourless, with no organic solvent emissions, it meets the requirements of provincial regulations.

Penetrating sealing and hardening materials for goods, shelves and equipment make it easy to change the concept of environmental protection, health and safety.

Combined with the salt in the concrete, it becomes an indispensable part of the concrete to improve the problem of old, low-quality concrete surfaces.

In addition to the salt in the concrete, penetrating sealer effectively prevents the soil from being mixed with the surface. It is easy to work with, non-toxic and odourless, so it can be produced at the same time.

It protects the equipment from dust, protects the goods, and can be quickly put back into use while the work is being carried out.

Shelves are free from dust particles.

Good ageing resistance Strong penetration

No yellowing, resistant to whitening phenomena. General flooring materials Excellent penetration, can penetrate into the concrete 5-8mm

After a long time of use, the colour will produce obvious changes, and the inner layer, effectively sealing the concrete pores from the inside, mixing

and whitening phenomenon caused by wear and tear. The concrete can be more solid and durable.