Colourful sealer flooring

Detailed information

What is concrete sealer?
Penetrate into the concrete inside the compound and has been set in the concrete contained in the semi-hydrated cement, free calcium, silicon oxide and other substances through a series of complex chemical reactions, these chemical compounds will eventually increase the compactness of the concrete surface layer, thus improving the strength, hardness, abrasion resistance, impermeability and other indicators of the concrete surface layer.

Scope of application

◇ Used for indoor and outdoor diamond sand wear-resistant flooring, terrazzo flooring, original slurry polishing flooring;

◇ Ultra-flat flooring, ordinary cement flooring, stone and other base surfaces, suitable for factory workshops;

◇ Warehouses, supermarkets, docks, airport runways, bridges, highways and other cement-based places.

Performance characteristics

◇ Sealing and dustproof, hardening and wear-resisting, and various colours;

◇ Anti-chemical erosion performance;

◇ Good gloss

◇ Good anti-aging performance;

◇ Convenient construction and environmentally friendly process;

◇ Reducing maintenance cost, one-time construction, strong protection.

Technical index


Construction profile