Alkyd reddish antirust paint

Product also known as

  • Alkyd reddish paint, alkyd reddish intermediate paint, alkyd reddish anticorrosive coating, alkyd reddish primer.

Basic parameters

Product English name  Alkyd red lead paint
Dangerous Goods No.  33646
UN No.  1263
Organic solvent volatility  64 standard metre³.
Brand  Jinhui Paint
Model No.  C52-3-1
Colour  Grey
Mixing ratio  Single component
Appearance  Smooth surface

Product composition

  • Alkyd reddan antirust paint is a one-component antirust paint composed of alkyd resin, reddan powder, antirust pigment filler, additives, No.200 solvent gasoline and mixed solvents, and catalytic agent.


  • The paint film is tough, good closure, excellent anti-rust performance, can withstand the impact of temperature difference.
  • Strong filling capacity.
  • Good matching performance, good combination with alkyd top coat.
  • Good construction performance.
  • Strong adhesion, good mechanical properties.
  • High pigment content, good sanding performance.
  • Anti-powdering paint film, good protection performance, good light and colour retention, bright colour, good durability.

Technical parameters: GB/T 25251-2010

  • Status in the container: no hard lumps after stirring and mixing, in a homogeneous state.
  • Adhesion: first class (standard index: GB/T1720-1979(89))
  • Fineness: ≤50um (standard index: GB/T6753.1-2007)
  • Salt water resistance: 3% NaCl, 48h without cracking, blistering, peeling (standard index: GB/T9274-88)
  • Drying time: surface drying ≤ 5h, solid drying ≤ 24h (standard index: GB/T1728-79)


  • Suitable for steel surface, mechanical surface, pipeline surface, equipment surface, wood surface.

Surface treatment

  • Steel surface sandblasting to Sa2.5 grade, surface roughness 30um-75um.
  • Electrical tools descaling to St3 grade.

Paint construction

  • After opening the barrel, it must be stirred evenly, left to stand and mature for 30min, then add appropriate amount of thinner and adjust to the construction viscosity.
  • Diluent: special diluent for alkyd series.
  • Airless spraying: Dilution amount is 0-5% (by weight ratio of paint), nozzle calibre is 0.4mm-0.5mm, spraying pressure is 20MPa-25MPa (200kg/cm²-250kg/cm²).
  • Air spraying: Dilution amount is 10-15% (by weight ratio of paint), nozzle calibre is 1.5mm-2.0mm, spraying pressure is 0.3MPa-0.4MPa (3kg/cm²-4kg/cm²).
  • Roller coating: Dilution amount is 5-10% (by paint weight ratio)

Pre-painting matching

  • Directly painted on the surface of steel whose descaling quality reaches Sa2.5 grade.

Back course matching

Alkyd iron intermediate paint, alkyd paint.


Construction parameters

Recommended film thickness  60-80um
Recommended number of painting passes  2~3 passes
Storage temperature  -10~40℃.
Construction temperature  5~40℃
Trial period  6h
Construction method  Brushing, air spraying, rolling can be used.
Theoretical dosage  Approx. 120g/m² (35um dry film, excluding loss).
Substrate temperature must be higher than the dew point of 3 ℃, when the substrate temperature is lower than 5 ℃, the paint film is not cured, not suitable for construction.


  • In the high temperature season construction, easy to dry spray, in order to avoid dry spray can be adjusted with thinner until not dry spray.
  • This product should be used by professional painting operators according to the instructions on the product package or this manual.
  • All coating and use of this product must be carried out in accordance with all relevant health, safety and environmental regulations and standards.
  • If in doubt as to whether or not to use this product, please contact our technical service department for details.


  • 25kg drum

Transport Storage

  • The product should be stored in a cool and ventilated place, prevented from direct sunlight, and isolated from sources of ignition, away from heat sources in the warehouse.
  • When transporting the product, it should be prevented from rain, sunlight exposure, avoid collision, and should comply with the relevant regulations of the traffic department.

Safety Protection

  • The construction site should have good ventilation facilities, and painters should wear glasses, gloves, masks, etc. to avoid skin contact and inhalation of paint mist.
  • Smoking and fire are strictly prohibited at the construction site.