Oujiangkou Bridge Project

Products: Oujiangkou Bridge.

Recommended Solution: Epoxy zinc rich primer + epoxy iron oxide intermediate paint + fluorocarbon top coating.

Zhejiang customers order epoxy zinc-rich primer in Jinhui Coatings.

This project is a key municipal project. There are 966 piles in the project section, 8 spans of variable section box girders for the main bridge, 58 spans of 50m equal section box girders and 92 spans of 30m box girders. It is planned to use marine concrete with a volume of 249,500m3, a total of 34,300t of steel reinforcement, 4,228t of steel strand, and a length of 1,864m of ramp roadbed. The relevant person in charge of your company searched for epoxy zinc-rich primer manufacturers on the website, found our Jinhui Coatings website, and found the customer service phone number through the official website of Jinhui Coatings. Through the communication and understanding of your company's requirements, Jinhui Coatings technical manager recommended the matching program is epoxy zinc-rich primer + epoxy ferrocement intermediate paint + fluorocarbon topcoat.


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The anti-corrosion coating of Oujiang Nankou Bridge adopts Jinhui Coatings.

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