Hunan Yueyang Baling Petrochemical Project

Project: Hunan Yueyang Baling Petrochemical Project.

Recommended Solution: Epoxy zinc rich primer + epoxy iron oxide intermediate paint + fluorocarbon top coating.

Hunan customer ordered epoxy zinc rich primer from Jinhui Coating.

Sinopec Baling Petrochemical's main products include oil, liquefied gas, cyclohexanone, cyclohexane, SBS, polypropylene, maleic rubber, epoxy resin, chloropropylene, caustic soda and so on more than 30 kinds of products totaling more than 120 grades, and the total amount of commodities in a year is more than 1.8 million tons. The relevant person in charge of your company searched for epoxy zinc-rich primer manufacturers on the website, found our Jinhui Coatings website, and through the official website of Jinhui Coatings to find the customer service phone number. Through the communication and understanding of your company's requirements, our technical manager recommended the matching program is epoxy zinc-rich primer + epoxy ferrocement intermediate paint + fluorocarbon topcoat.


The customer is very satisfied after using it and intends to cooperate with us for a long time. We are also very happy that the customer's satisfaction is our affirmation!

Anti-Corrosion Coating of Pipelines, Tanks and Steel Structures in Baling Petrochemical Project Uses Jinhui Coatings.