Hangzhou Xiaoshan Impression City Steel Structure Anti-corrosion Project

Project: Hangzhou Xiaoshan Impression City Steel Structure Anti-corrosion Project.

Recommended solution: epoxy zinc rich primer + epoxy iron oxide intermediate paint + fluorocarbon top coating.

Hangzhou Impression City is a shopping centre integrating large supermarkets, brand flagship shops, fashion boutiques, gourmet catering, leisure and other facilities. Among them, the outdoor steel railings and ornamental steel buildings in Impression City need to do anti-corrosion work.


Customers through acquaintances and friends said Sichuan Jinhui Coatings industrial coatings, good quality. So he found our company, through some communication and understanding. After some communication, our technicians provided the coating scheme of epoxy zinc-rich primer + epoxy ferrocement intermediate paint + fluorocarbon topcoat. The main advantage of this package is that the anti-corrosion life can be up to 20 years, the paint film is hard and wear-resistant, and the fluorocarbon topcoat has the effect of high luster and beautiful colour, which is especially suitable for the steel structure buildings that need to have ornamental use!

The epoxy zinc-rich primer, epoxy iron-cloud intermediate paint and fluorocarbon topcoat used in the anti-corrosion of the steel structure project of Impression City in Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, were all provided by Sichuan Jinhui Coating Co., Ltd.